Receive a 15% off discount

if at least half your group arrives dressed in Halloween attire.  See Rules below.


To qualify for the 15% discount during the month of October at least half the players in your group must be dressed in Halloween attire. Halloween attire is defined as: a costume that would be recognizable as a monster, celebrity, princess, fictional character, profession, etc. Or you may wear a t-shirt\ sweatshirt that has obvious images related to Halloween. Once you arrive at Lakeshore Quest your discount will be applied to your billing if you meet the above mentioned criteria. 


For the month of October we will have a Halloween Costume Contest for the best dressed group with the most participation! At the end of October the group of players that had the best costumes (as a group) will win the following:

1st place: prizes worth $100 

2nd place: prizes worth $50

The "group player photos"  taken at the end of each game will be handed to an independent unbiased judge for the determination of best holiday dressed groups during October and the winner will be posted on our web site and social media in November.  Prizes will be given to the person who booked the game to be distributed at their discretion.

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