Let Us Host Your Group Events 

Corporate and organization events:

We can host large groups with our dual Mortimer Mansion rooms. We can  also run the rooms sequentially every 1.25 hours to accommodate even larger groups.


For the best game play we recommend keeping the number of players close to 8 per room. Our rooms are spacious but for safety purposes there is a maximum allowed. Please contact us for what arrangement works best for your outing. 

If you book more than 1 hour with us there is a sitting/eating area free for use between or after game play.


Phone: 231-769-2315



Birthdays and Other Special Family Celebrations:

Our rooms can accommodate groups larger than 8. Please contact us if size exceeds 8.  Also there is an eating area available for birthday parties; it is FREE for 1 hour if you book an entire room of 8 players. Just ask for it in advance.

For best game play we do suggest to keep the player numbers closer to 8 per room.

If you wish to book our dual Mortimer's Mansion rooms, please contact us and we can set that up for you.

Although our puzzles are generally designed for ages 12 and up, we have hosted many birthday parties for younger adults under 12. We give these players unlimited hints so that they have a very good chance at finishing the game and having fun!


Phone: 231-769-2315



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