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We will have a Game Master position opening.

We are looking for someone to work occasionally as a fill in and to help during busy times. A perfect job for a someone that is retired or a student.

If you are interested in applying for an open position, please send your resume to our email address along with why you would like to work at an escape room. You may also include a job application. The job application does not need to be signed at this time if you send by email. If you applied in the past please don't hesitate to apply again. If you have any questions, please write us.

Typical Schedule - rotations are possible
Hours: 12 PM - 8/10 PM

Days: Fri/Sat/Sun/ occasional weekdays

Escape Rooms are unique places to work! You are entertaining guests that are ready to have fun; therefore the atmosphere is always very positive.  You meet a variety of people. You work in a clean, air conditioned environment. The job is less demanding than most retail or manufacturing positions; and it also offers many ways to be creative. 
Job application. Download application and return via our email.

Job details

Position: Game Master 

Salary:  $10.50 - $11.00  an hour

Job Type: Part-time

Hours: approximately 10-20 per week 

Days of Work: primarily weekends; 1 -2 weekdays possible



  • Good Customer Service skills

  • Attention to detail (for resetting rooms)

  • Dependable

  • Must be 16 years or older

  • Must have reliable transportation


Position Description 

Game Masters have an engaging and fast paced job; they help direct live performances that are different every time. Responsibilities include hosting 5 star experiences for our guests by keeping the game frustrations low without taking away any discovery (ah ha) moments.

Game Masters are responsible for greeting and checking in arrivals, explaining gameplay and safety procedures and leading groups into the rooms, directing gameplay (sending clues), escorting groups out of the rooms when their session ends. Also taking care of reservations and facility maintenance tasks.


Other Responsibilities

  • Provide quality customer service, making guests feel welcome and accommodated; make the groups feel positive and entertained

  • Constantly maintain the appearance and functionality of the facility and equipment, keeping rooms, lobby, hallways, restrooms clean, presentable, and properly stocked

  • Reset rooms properly and make sure they are functional, clean, and presentable for guests

  • Open the store and start up the rooms and cameras, make sure everything is clean, functional, and presentable for guests

  • Take reservations; keep track of the room schedules and note any changes or updates

  • Answer the phone professionally; return calls when appropriate

  • Immediately address issues inside the room as needed (something broke, missing clue, lights out, etc.)

  • Periodically test puzzles, locks and props for proper functionality

  • Help with escape room design; give ideas help improve puzzles that create better experiences for our guests

Work Requirements

  • Must be willing to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday; evenings and holidays (rotations available); on call work possible

  • Must have detail and accuracy skills for resetting rooms

  • Ability to understand and efficiently use technology (computers and audio/visual equipment)

  • Ability to work unsupervised at times 

  • Ability to communicate effectively and professionally with peers, management, and customers

  • Ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently under stress

  • Ability to use simple tools (screw drivers, wire cutters, paint brushes) in order to maintain the functionality of the equipment and to assist with escape room/ prop construction

  • Must have reliable transportation


Physical Requirements

  • Be able to sit and view LED/LCD monitors for several hours without eye strain

  • Ability to lift objects weighing up to 50lbs

  • Ability to crouch low and reach high

  • Ability to work and stay focused for up to 9 hours



(Typical days/hours for this job description; rotations available) 

Fri/Sat/Sun: 12PM - 9/10PM

Occasional Weekdays: 3/5PM - 8/9PM

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