Ticket prices are $25 per person for 4 or more players with room minimums of $75 - $90 

We recommend groups of at least 4 players so that you can achieve the goal of the game.  Experienced puzzle solvers can do it with less people but since this is a group activity the experience is often enhanced when there are more players. 


2 Player Games: We welcome 2 player games however there are $75-$90 room minimums and your ticket prices will reflect this. 

Children and adults are the same ticket price. Children under 5 years will not be charged however they are required to be in a car style carrier; Escape Rooms are not designed to be child safe and for insurance purposes cannot be in the room without a carrier.

Payment is taken online or over the phone however we can take other payment methods if contacted in advance. . 

Discounts: Please be sure to follow us on social media platforms as special deals will be posted there first. 

Click "TICKETS" button to see available times.