Our Themed Rooms

"Mortimer's Mansion"​

We have 2 identical Mortimer's Mansion rooms for large groups or for group competition. 

Welcome to Mortimer's Mansion, home of the eccentric world traveler. Boarded up since the late 1970's, rumors of a hidden treasure inside this Victorian home have circulated for years. You and a group of explorers have gained access to this urban treasure hunters dream. There's only one major problem; the home is set for demolition within the hour. You have just 60 minutes to enter the home, find the treasure and exit before your lives are in grave peril! Your only clue is that Mortimer loved puzzles and may have set up as series of clues to guide you to his treasure.




GAME PLAY: this room has many deep thinking puzzles that are tightly interlinked together. All that you discover leads you to the goal of the game. Bring your 'out of the box' thinking cap with you and a few clever friends.

"Balance of Power"

Room Construction: 95

It's the Cold War era and your special forces team is not in a good position. You are prisoners in a Russian underground military base. You must free yourself in 60 minutes using all your wit and skill. Teamwork is a must! 



GAME PLAY: this room is more action oriented. It was designed a bit more for the left brain players but it is still has enough obscure puzzles to please escape room enthusiasts. 

We really hoped our 2nd themed room would have been completed by this time. Unfortunately Covid-19 caused extensive building delays. The good news is we are moving forward again!! 

We are also striving that our 2nd room be of equal quality to our 1st room and even surpass it in some ways. We're in the business to create smiles and we are working hard to make that happen for you! Thank you for your patience. 

"That 70's Room"

Coming 2021

It's 1970 something and the only thing on your mind is music, good times, and hanging with your friends. Unfortunately, you have misplaced the tickets for the once in a lifetime rock concert. You must find the concert tickets your friends entrusted you with before the concert starts!  

Room Construction:  21%

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