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Our themed rooms

Our 1st room is completed, fully tested and is ready to be explored!!

"Mortimer's Mansion"​

Welcome to Mortimer's Mansion, home of the eccentric world traveler. Boarded up since the late 1970's, rumors of a hidden treasure inside this Victorian home have circulated for years. You and a group of explorers have gained access to this urban treasure hunters dream. There's only one major problem; the home is set for demolition within the hour. You have just 60 minutes to enter the home, find the treasure and exit before your lives are in grave peril! Your only clue is that Mortimer loved puzzles and may have set up as series of clues to guide you to his treasure.




A review from our Facebook page:
April 2 at 11:44 PM  

Background: our group has been doing escape rooms on a monthly basis for better than a year. We've visited no less than five different establishments and three of our members have designed escape room experiences.

I had the chance to play Mortimer's Mansion at Lakeshore Quest Escape Rooms, and I was impressed by the decor, room construction and puzzle quality. The challenges were engaging, innovative and filled with the sort of "ah-ha!" moments that keep you coming back for more.

I'm very pleased to find such a high-quality escape room in Muskegon, and I look forward to seeing more great rooms at Lakeshorr Quest!

Other rooms in development

In August 2019 we finished our 2nd room Mortimer Mansion II. It is a duplicate of our 1st Mortimer's Mansion for group competition!

Our 3rd room (Balance of Power) is tentatively planned to be finished by March 31, 2020

Our 4th room (That 70's Room) is tentatively planned to be finished July 31, 2020

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